Dr. Schaub's Science Classes
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AICE Chemistry
Law of Definite Composition Lab
Determining the Percent CO2 in an Alka Seltzer Tablet Lab
Millikan Experiment Simulation Lab
Determing the Molecular Mass of a Volatile Liquid Lab
Determining the Molecular Mass of a Flammable Gas Lab
Rates of Reaction: Iodine Clock Lab
Determining the Dissociation Constant and Concentration of a Weak Acid Lab
Measurement of Temperature Lab
Determining the Charge on an Electron Lab
Cinnamon Clock Reaction Lab

Honors Chemistry
Laboratory Equipment Lab
Skills Lab - Mass
Skills Lab - Volume
Skills Lab - Bunsen Burner
Skills Lab - Glass Bending
Skills Lab - Distillation
Density of an Unknown Solid Lab
Density of an Unknown Liquid Lab
Elements of the Periodic Table Lab
Heating Curve of Water Lab
Flame Test Lab
Ionic Compounds Lab
Percentage of Water in Popcorn Lab
Double Replacement Reactions Lab
Copper to Copper Lab
Decomposition of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Lab
Chalk Lab Activity
Composition of a Hydrate Lab (Copper Sulfate)
Concentration vs. Rate of Reaction Lab Handout
Synthesis of Alum Lab Handout
Melting Point of Alum Lab Handout
Titration of a Strong Acid with a Strong Base Lab